Construction Detailing


To begin the construction detailing project I was given a case study to investigate. The selected project t was Snohetta’s gypsum plaster dome ceiling for Aesop’s Oslo store in 2014. Working from the contractors photographs of the plaster domes I pieced together a potential structure which would support the domes. This consisted of a timber frame and U-channels fixed to slices of the domes.

To visualise this structure I created a digital model in Rhino, and from this was able to produce a 3D print. 


Applying the research conducted to model and produce orthographic construction details of Snohetta’s suspended dome ceiling, I created a detail package for the House of Osborne ceiling design. The ceiling is an diffused LED- lit structure inspired by the architecture of the Victorian greenhouses, following the inspiration for the design of House of Osborne.

LED panels will be slotted into a steel framework, which is suspended from the ceiling with cables. The cables are connected to the ceiling with U-channels, screwed to the ceiling. The different panels are connected at 90 degree angles with bolts, and at irregular angles are screwed to oak segments, holding the panels in place, and at the right angles.